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Stratis Vogiatzis was born on 12th of January in 1978 in Chios, Greece. He studied economic sciences in Aristotle Un. and Social Anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and Political violence. Among others he worked with children in Palestine,as a teacher and educator at the gypsies communities in Thessaloniki (Drom) and as a researcher for the educational ngo IALE in New Delhi. He has worked for assignments and creative projects in more than 30 countries and his work has been published in seven books. He exhibits regularly in Greece and abroad and his works belong to museums and private collections. He has directed several independent documentary films that distinguished and won awards in international film festivals. In 2011 he initiated with a team of artists and researchers the Caravan Project, a travelogue with a caravan around Greece with the intention to document and reveal inspiring personal stories. The journey still goes on..


Triennale Museum of Art and Design, Narrative Arcs,Milano Mar17 
Upho Urban Photo Festival, Identity flows, Malaga, May 2016 

Galleria D' Arte Pirra, Memorie Sospese,Turin, May 2015
Gallery Berlin-Baku, People of the Sea-Inner World,Berlin, Nov 2014
Rosphoto, Inner World,Saint-Petersburg, June 2014
Museum Sala Dogana, People of the Sea, Genova, May 2014
Bozar, Naftilus: Navigating Greece, People of the Sea,Brussels, Jan 2014
Beirut Souks,People of the Sea, Beirut, Jan 2014
El.Venizelos Airport, Non Fertile Zone, Ageanale,Athens, July 2013

Photomed,People of the Sea,France, May 2013

Greek Consulant Ankara, Inner World, Jan 2012
TEDx Athens, Caravan Project,  Athens, Sep 2012

DEPO, Inner World, Istanbul, Dec 2011

Photobiennale Tergeste, Inner World, Feb 2011

Chelsea Hotel,Inner World, New York, May 2010

Greek Embassy,Inner World, Washington DC, June 2010

Photobiennale Greece, Inner World, Thessaloniki, April 2010
Athletes with Disabilities, Beijing Sports Hall, March 2009

Citrus, Inner World, Chios, Aug 2009

Foundation Maria Tsakos, Chios Project, Montevideo, Uruguay, May 2008 
Old Fishmarket in Chios, Chios Project, Chios, Aug 2008



Meditteranean Seafood Odyssey, 2014

The Caravan Project 2014
Inner World, 2009

From Athens to Beijing, 2008
Chios, 2006
Kosovo: Refugees Returning Home, 2003


Man at Home, 2017

Suspended People 2016
The Forest of Gold, 2015

Paporias, 2014
Black Land 2013
The Blind Fisherman, 2011


Currently located in:
Caravan travelling around Greece 

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