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Shipping methods
The new transport policy of is more competitive, very simple structured and designed specifically for the needs of our customers.

Shipping within Greece paid and is: + 15 eur
Shipping outside Greece paid and is: + 35 eur

Delivery time
Orders can be delivered to a collaborating Courier within 2-3 business days if the books are readily available.

If it concerns island destinations and inaccessible areas, time can be up to 4-5 business days.

Mission all over the world
Shipping abroad is done with a Cooperating Company with the most competitive prices on the market.

Delivery in Europe takes 4-6 business days, while in other countries abroad it reaches 7-9 working days.

Receipt from Stratis Vogiatzis store
If you have chosen to receive your order from a Stratis Vogiatzis physical store, you will be notified by phone or email from our partners to receive the order from the store's central store you have selected.

Your order will be available at this store for 5 business days from your update.

If you do not receive your order within 5 days, your order will be canceled.

Payment methods

The payment methods available at are:

1. Credit Card You can make purchases with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.



Secure Transactions
Purchases of products or services are performed safely through a dedicated EUROBANK service.

Please note that does not collect or store your card details in any way. Electronic card transactions are performed with EUROBANK's secure system by re-direction to a secure server environment of this bank and transferring the card data with 128-bit SSL encryption.

2. Payment In case of Cash On Delivery, the payment is made upon delivery of your order to the cooperating courier company.
4. Deposit in a bank account You can deposit in a bank account only for domestic orders and then by telephone contacting the customer service

Account Numbers



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